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Sarah Holland's Life Story - A Lawman's View

                   LIES, BRIBERY & INJUSTICE

As a Texan visiting London, I wanted to visit with Sarah Holland to discuss the finer points of the Sarah Holland's Life Story blogs I'm reading on the internet.

Now, I live in San Angelo but I have cousins in Austin, Houston and San Antonio, so I guess you could say I know my ways around this big old state.


And I know for a fact that the Texan lawyer involved in this conspiratorial cover up knows all about conspiratorial cover ups.

You see it just so happens I am one of the witnesses in a roundabout ways to the extremely violent marital incident that exploded in late 2002 and caused a lot of the trouble here.

It happened at the home of Professor David W. Robertson's daughter Susan at Baker Street, San Angelo, West Texas.
Here is the truth as I know it: -
Brutally attacked by her first husband, Susan fled to the nearby Deputy Sheriff in fear of her life.     

Having elicited police assistance, she then disappeared fearing retribution from her husband. 

It would be 15 hours before anybody knew Susan was alive - let alone where she had gone for the night.

But armed police were immediately dispatched to her home on Baker Street, San Angelo.  

Demanding entry at gunpoint to search for Susan's dead body, they terrified British writer Sarah Holland who was still at the house, effectively abandoned as well as trapped with a dangerous man in a black cowboy hat.

The $30,000 car she had kindly lent Susan and her husband had become part of the couple's long running argument.   Dumped in an unknown part of town, the keys had been thrown into an unknown field and would never be found.   With no public transport in or out of San Angelo and nobody to turn to other than Susan, now missing, Sarah was left unprotected with the violent husband for several hours with no clear idea of what had happened or where Susan was.  
A tense and frightening night ensued during which the husband left in fear of arrest at gunpoint.

At noon the following day, Susan returned covered in bruises; around her throat, under her hair, across her torso, arms, legs and back - one of which was approximately 6 inches long.

Sarah took her to the hospital and back to the police.

There then followed an even more tense and frightening week for both Sarah and Susan anticipating the husband's return - possibly armed with a selection of firearms to which he did have access.  

By the time Sarah left Texas a couple weeks later to visit with family in Australia, she was diagnosed with shock by the family doctor.   He prescribed total rest, sleeping pills and treatment from a professional analyst in North Adelaide.

While resting, Sarah wrote a long, hand written letter to her father detailing all that had happened.

Far as I can make out, it was the contents of this letter which Professor David W. Robertson denied, accusing Sarah of making the whole story up in an attempt to extort money from her own father.
This resulted in Sarah being disowned, disinherited and denounced insane; outcast from her family forever, kicked out of publishing and thrown without warning into homeless poverty.

Professor Robertson then paid the violent husband an undisclosed sum of money to keep his mouth shut, “sealed” the whole story legally through his powerful contacts in Texas (he trained half the judges in the state) and had it expunged from the records so that nobody would ever know it had happened.  

Because Sarah was an international best selling writer with connections at the very highest levels of publishing and the media, Professor Robertson discredited her completely and has dedicated himself ever since to preventing her or anybody else finding out what he did. 
Keeping her close, using her friendships with his daughter and his niece to manipulate and lie to her, he has watched Sarah suffer a decade of crippling injustice, abuse, persecution and emotional trauma - solely because of his lies.

It is difficult to tell at what stage he decided to join forces with the people already plotting against Sarah - Luigi Bonomi, Karin Stoecker, Harlequin Mills & Boon, Peter Miller, Robert Silverstein etc etc.   I guess it could have been from the get-go in 2003, but it's my belief after talking extensively with Sarah that the answer is probably a ways back in 2008 when international publishing and press attention was once more focused on Sarah Holland and the house on Baker Street, San Angelo, where she was again living.
Far from using this as an opportunity to redeem himself and restore Sarah's reputation by making a statement to the press and publishing industry telling the truth - Professor Robertson, his ex-wife Ann T Robertson and other key members of the family in no way attempted to confess.

They seem instead to have joined forces with Sarah's enemies to keep the truth hidden and push her into even greater danger.  

Whether Professor Robertson joined forces with the others in 2003 or 2008, he was certainly in league with them by the summer of 2012 when his daughter and niece informed him that Sarah Holland was considering writing her Life Story.

It was at this point that he may have pulled all the stops out to prevent Sarah from discovering the truth: - that he deliberately destroyed her life and has maintained that destruction with every means at his disposal ever since.

And this man is a venerated expert in Torts – Personal Injury Law! 

He lectures at the University of Texas at Austin, has changed laws for the United States Supreme Court and is a practicing Austin State Capitol attorney charging a fortune to defend the persecuted - while secretly participating for over 10 years in the malicious destruction of an innocent woman.

But there were more than 20 witnesses to the incident in San Angelo and its aftermath, including the cover-up.

Sarah Holland assures me she will call every single one of them into court to corroborate her evidence.
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This has been my privilege to write.  

                                                                       Nick Travis